Cotswold Lavender Soothing Gel 20g

This gel contains Cotswold Lavenders finest lavender oil carefully blended with peppermint. This super combination will help to soothe everyday aches and pains. Also ideal to use for headaches and to help de-stress. Apply to temples and pulse points. 20g in a glass jar.

Cotswold Lavender Massage Oil also available to gently soothe and relax tired muscles (code: 23032).

All Cotswold Lavender products are made using lavender essential oils lovingly grown in fields in the Cotswolds. At the peak of the summer sunshine the lavender is harvested and distilled by traditional methods and aged for a year before use. No chemicals are used in the extraction of the oils so they really are Pure Essential Oils.

Free from parabens.

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Code: 22347
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